Step 3
Services are provided by Diana Hansen aka FreeStyleMama Creations.

Blog Makeover Packages include only the services listed in Step One. If you are unsure if a service is provided, please ask ahead of time. You may also check the FAQ page.
PreMade Blog Designs only include the services listed in the description of each design.

Packages do not include:
• Widgets/Gadget installation, movement, or removal
• Opinions on how or what you should blog or put on your blog
• Information/teaching you how to blog
• Follow up adjustments and maintenance. Once the design is complete you must pay to have things changed, added, or adjusted.

Design Elements:
The cost of the design elements used in your design is not included in my prices. The cost of the elements chosen in Step Three will be added to the cost of the service. This includes any fonts that need to be purchased, although most people pick free fonts.

Copy & Paste:
Diana will copy & paste the information (title, tagline, signature, etc.) provided by you. Please make sure you proofread the information you provide! If Diana has to go back and change a typo that you provided, a service fee may be assessed if the blog has already been completed.

Image Storage:
Graphics used in the design of a blog are stored & linked at Photobucket. You will need to create a free Photobucket account and share your log-in & password information with Diana before installation. You may request to have your images stored on Custom Blog Designs’ account for an additional $10 fee per year.

You need to add Diana as an admin contributor to your blog or provide your Blogger log-in & password before installation.
All your posts will remain after installation and you will post/add photos/add widgets just as you did before the new design. Signature & divider & icons will be coded to automatically appear on your blog. On rare occasion sidebar widgets/gadgets are lost during installation. Please make sure you back up all your widgets before installation. Custom Blog Designs is not responsible for any missing widgets. Any widget codes added directly into template html will be removed. Custom Blog Designs is not responsible for fixing anything with your template if you alter the coding in anyway, including widget installation.

Service & Time Limits:
Diana of Custom Blog Designs provides quick responses to emails and completes services in a timely manner. Clients are expected to do likewise. Please keep in communication with Diana and do not drag things out. If something comes up (family emergency, etc.), please let her know! Custom Blog Designs wants you to be completely satisfied with your individualized blog design and will make reasonable edits. Clients who ask for numerous changes (yes, changes are expected, but this is in reference to people being overly picky or changing their mind, this is a rarity!) which cause a slow down in the wait list will be given a warning. If edits requests continue after the warning, then a $20/hour service fee will be charged to complete the design. Clients who request a brand new proof (requesting new design elements be used or want the design started over) will be charged the cost of the new design elements plus time already spend on their design at $20/hour. If you do not respond to email which causes a service to not be completed within 2 months of payment, you will forfeit service and payment. Partial refunds will not be issued. Prearranged services such as updating a photo in a header due to adoption or birth do not apply to this 2 month time frame. Potential clients who drag out the start of a blog design will be moved to the bottom of the wait list and/or will not be provided services at all.

Designer Credits & Copyright:
Design credits will be added to either the sidebar or footer of your design. This may not be removed. All graphics & template coding of Custom Blog Designs is copyrighted. When you are done with the design you must remove all graphics, links, logos, and template coding created by Custom Blog Designs. The design may not be moved to another blog or platform. If you wish to have the design moved to another blog you must obtain permission from Custom Blog Designs. This permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will include a portability fee. This fee does not include installation. Custom Blog Designs maintains ownership of all graphics & template coding. You agree to not edit, alter, or share the template or graphics created by Custom Blog Designs. Custom Blog Designs is not responsible for providing these files to you.

A screenshot of your completed blog design will be posted & linked at Custom Blog Designs. If you prefer to keep the blog private please let Diana know and it will not be linked.

Since Custom Blog Designs does not require payment until Diana is ready to being the design process, refunds will not be issued.

Updated 7/1/2014 by Diana Hansen/FreeStyleMama Creations