Step 4
If I am able to work with you, I will send a questionnaire with specific questions about the design. I ask that you just hit reply to the email we have going back and forth (please do not start a new email with a different subject) and that you respond to my emails quickly.You do not have to have the questionnaire filled out or submit payment to get on the wait list, but please do let me know if you want on it right away. Clients are added to the wait list in order of contact. If you are choosing to pay the $25 extra to go to the top of the wait list or are choosing top of the wait list as one of your options on the Ultimate package then please return the questionnaire right away.
If you are not ready to begin your design when you get near the top of the wait list then I will jump ahead to other clients and extend your wait time.

Step 6
I will be in touch with you a day or 2 before I am ready to begin so that we can finalize the design plan. This is the point where I will clarify questions surrounding your questionnaire and design, pick the design elements, and finalize plans for the design. There will be a lot of emails going back and forth from this point on so please check your email frequently so that we can keep the design process on track. If you are slow to respond then I will move onto the next client and finish your design as time permits.

Step 5
Once we have calculated the total cost of your makeover you will submit payment via PayPal. You can pay via the widget below (use can fill in the price of the design elements rounded up to the nearest dollar), send payment via PayPal to my email address, or I can send a Pay Request.

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Final Step
While I am designing your blog you will need to do a few things before installation. First off, if you are getting a navigation bar, please get your list of what you want on the bar prepared. I will need both the link name and the URL. More on navigation bars can be read here. Next, open a Photobucket account.  I will need your log-in information right before installation. I will also need access to your Blogger account. It's best if you invite me to be a contributor and when I accept grant me admin status OR you can share your log-in information if you prefer.