Navigation Bar

Many people use navigation links so that visitor can find important parts of their blog easily. Most often the navigation links are below the header, but you can also find them above or in the sidebar. Here is a screenshot of my personal blog (with an old design) with the navigation links pointed out.If this is going to be part of your design I am going to need to know what links you want included. I do not just know and cannot just make it magically look like someone else's blog. I need to know what you want!

This is how the navigation link bar works. You need to let me know the exact name of each link and the URL for each name. The URL can be a specific post or Blogger page on your blog, a URL outside your blog, or a label/category of posts.
  • A specific post or page on your blog is good for a link that has info that is permanent or won't be changed much, such as About Me, Advertise with Us, Why Adoption, etc.
  • A URL outside your blog might be a link to your Facebook page, Twiter, an Etsy shop, another blog, etc.
  • Labels/categories are best for a link that will go to multiple posts, such as Giveaways, Recipes, Tutorials, etc. An example of this is on my Diana Rambles blog ( with the Recipes link. I've added the label recipe to each post that has a recipe and that link on the navigation bar is linked to:
You are responsible for creating your post or page on blogger as it's not part of my makeover packages. You can get the direct URL to a post by clicking on the title of the post. Then you go up to the browser bar and copy & paste that URL and give it to me.

If you choose to have something linked to a label/category you must provide me the EXACT name of that label. If you tell me Recipes, but then label your blog with recipes (lower case) it won't be linked up. It's case sensitive! Here is a tutorial about putting labels on posts: (read this tutorial AFTER you've given me the link info!)

Contact (Me) can either link directly to your email address (depending on the template we use) or you can give me the post/page URL to link to it. Please provide me with the email address you want or the URL. Please don't just say something like the one on my account or the one on PayPal.

Here is an example of what I want~ (this is what is on my Diana Rambles blog)
Custom Blog Designs-
Cookies on a Stick- link to label called cookies on a stick
Bentos- link to label called bento
Lo-Carb- link to label called lo-carb
Giveaways- link to label called hosting giveaway
Contact- link to Blogger page

REMEMBER: I am not a mind reader!!!!!!!
I don't just KNOW cause I am a blog designer!!
You must give me the info!